Product Information

•All casting is finished through annealing stress with M casting iron; the slides for X, Y, Z, axle are handled by heating and grinding; the sliding for X, Y, axle is light and clever without abrasion because of pasting anti-abrasion pieces. We use C5 level for X, Y, axle, pre-pressed nut of precise bead-rolling rod, which is to press smoothly and position well due to small gap. Using the timing oil-filling on X, Y, Z axle and nut to ensure the precision for each section.
•A fixed working table, a contact plane between the width of the saddle and the working table is so long that allows a high stability of processing.
•A wider table plane is able to emphasize a rigidity and tenacity.
•Using server auto-feeding on X.Y axle for over 2500 series and reducing working hours by rapid up and down motions. In order to reach a rapid up and down motion, Z axle is a function of reducing speed.
•Using a cannon head with strong structure of vertical milling head. The inside grinding gear is to fill oil by enforcement, 20-stage transmission. (it’s optional to select frequency non-stage transmission.) To shorten the working time and upgrade the enterprise competition because the core of the axle is able to have a boring automatically.